Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Who needs a black widow?

The fedora project publishes regularz a blog which presents users of the Fedora project and their hardware. To my surprise most of these users have been using gamer keyboards having names like  "razer black widow .....". So i got curious and thought by my self that maybe it is time for a new keyboard. The first striking thing is the price of about 100 Euros compared to my apple keyboard which costs about 50 Euros which i have been using the last years!

Finally i bought a Razer Black widow Ultimate!

The keyboard seems to be a full plastic but has the weigth of my first keyboard in the 70s feeling like 10 kilos. All in all it is just a keyboard with a lot of knick knack. Keys are flashing in green and the keyboard makes a noise like using a keyboard of the 50tes. The whole look is like in a SCiFi film of the 50ties. Personaly i find the usage of glyph like characters (see below) a bit strange and not helpfull.

At least is has a USB pass through which is not a common feature of this breed of keyboards.As ususal logitech has provided a driver and a setup for the keyboard only for windows. On my Windows 10 box everything was happening automatically. To my big amusement the settings for the keyboard are stored in the cloud. Seriously who wants this!

Compared with the Apple keyboard this keyboard is the first one which has the potential to hurt people because of its weight!

All in  all i would not recommend any Gamer Keyboard to any body like this unless you are the type of user who missuses his keyboard on a regular basis. But after writing this small article i like the noise it makes. I guess my wife will kill me for this but you cant have it all. There a silent keyboard out there as well.

After a week or so i managed to get the razer commander installed and working
About a week later i poored morning coffe over it. Well the coffee was simplx comming out at the backside of the keyboard. The keyboard was still working in totoal (LED  Effects working) but the Y-Key was gone! But a gamers heart does not feel grief and i looked for some replacement. Finally i ended up with an MK MAC USB keyboard from AZIO.

What i like about it is the ghosty blue keyboard backlight and the noise. The keyboard is marketed as a MAC keyboard. But frankly speaking it is not near the apple quality. The aluiminium belnd looks aluminium taken from a can.
At the end it is just a keyboard with an MAC layout which works well. There is one detail except for the backlight the new keyboard shares with the razer. The cabels connecting it with mz PC are looking like the cabels of my flat iron! I am wondering what the technical need is for it, but it makes the cable bulky.